What is SlimCleaner plus ? Should i remove it ?

What is SlimCleaner plus : SlimCleaner Plus is a pup (Potentially unwanted program) that get’s installed into a user computer without his knowledge. Many user’s across the world are trying to get ride of this annoying tool. This malware is getting viral on the thousand’s of computers across the world thrugh the internet connection. There is a very good article on “Althow” about How to remove SlimCleaner plus. the official website of Slimcleaner claim’s that this is a system optimization tool, used to remove junk files and unwanted files from your computer. Some other site’s such as malwarefixers.com claim’s that software vulnerabilities in some Internet browsers such as Chrome and Internet explorer are believed to be exploited by this program to gain access on the user’s computer. As per them, Some malicious links from Social sites and some Spammy emails also result with slimcleaner plus installation on your computer.

What is slimcleaner plus

What is slimcleaner plus

What is SlimCleaner plus tool used for ?

Malwarefixers also claim’s that, this unwanted program (PUP) whenever run’s on the system, it can perform some various action’s to control the victim’s computer. It’s not hard to uninstall this tool from your computer. some well reputed sites such as Althow.com can help you with the removal process of SlimCleaner plus.

Once if SlimCleaner plus is running  on your pc, it will start displaying some suspicious warnings and pupups on your computer and asking you to fix them with slimcleaner plus. These alert’s are being displayed to you just to force you to play the slimcleaner plus. Slimclenaer can also ask you for money by tricking you in some ways. e.g. it will ask you for a slimcleaner premium membership.

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However if you have slimCleaner plus installed in your computer, i suggest you to read the article about SlimCleaner plus removel, you can find the article link given above. and thanks for reading this article about What is SlimCleaner plus.

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